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What is Bedabots?

Bedabots is a unique take on the not-safe-for-work visual novel genre, currently in development. The story is beautifully rendered in a large amount of expertly drawn, full-sized comic pages, which appear panel-per-panel as the narration progresses. The game tells the thrilling tale of a young adult called Himo Kone, moving from his rural farm home to a futuristic mega-city where attractive robots live side-by-side with their human masters.

On top of a plethora of gorgeous pieces of artwork accompanying the bulk of the storyline, the adult-rated scenes of Bedabots are depicted through high-resolution pixel animations, meticulously hand-crafted via a custom-made 3D to 2D pipeline. Each character has a fully-rigged model, used to create animations which are then edited frame-by-frame to produce incredibly detailed results. Never before has making love to robots looked so good!

The world of Bedabots is a technologically advanced one. A globe-spanning conglomerate, named the Azuki Corporation, has developed the technology needed to mass-produce fully-sentient synthetic robot models. These robots are called Bedabots, and they have become a major part of everyday life ever since their inception!

What are Bedabots?
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Hundreds of radically different models carry out thousands of diverse duties. From crunching tremendous amounts of data to driving taxis around, from brewing the perfect cup of coffee to spearheading elite anti-terrorism units; there's a Bedabot purpose-built for every single task imaginable. They all share one thing in common: they were made to serve their human masters in more ways than one. After all, why would you make a bot you can't bed?

Throughout the story, the main character will be encountering many different Bedabots; a lot of which may end up being bedded by him at one point or another. While Himo's primary goal is to make a name for himself in the capital city of Mintai, he won't hesitate to leave a mark on as many robots as he can along the way! As a virile young adult in the prime of his life, it's his prerogative to bed'em all!

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Meet some models

All of these and many more will be encountered by Himo during his stay in Mintai city. This broad set of attractive, appealing synthetic girls serve as the love interests in Bedabots, though the road to bedding them will take many different forms. A casual fling here, a long-term romance there, a blossoming friendship with benefits, a robot that has the hots for you, and another that's icy cold. Which will be your favorite?

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Of course, not all Bedabots will be inherently friendly towards the newcomer in town. Some see value only in corporate ranking, others treat Himo like yet another customer. A special case are the bots personally bought and personally owned by him. They might cost an arm and a leg, but their company alone is worth every penny; let alone their unwavering loyalty to their one and only master.


Compelling story presented through comic pages and writing

Gratuitous amount of panty-shots

Plenty of bots to bed

Animated sex scenes

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